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  • Personalized Heart...

    The engraved, heart bracelet is stylish and unique! With its large size and original clasp, this personalized jewelry piece is ideal!

  • Personalized tags necklace

    This engraved charm necklace is both elegant and original!  Choose the number of charms and have your children's names engraved!  A unique necklace, symbolizing your lovely family!

  • Personalized bracelet with...

    The personalized bracelet all the moms have been dreaming about! A very beautiful way to keep her loved ones close.  With the charms engraved with your children's names, a unique, personalized jewelry piece is ceated to be cherished for years to come.

  • Personalized boy/girl...

    An original, engraved bracelet to keep your little ones near throughout the day.  Boy, girl, create your own, personalized bracelet by engraving your children's names and be certain to have a unique, engraved jewelry piece!  A symbol of your family!

  • Personalized Mom/Child...

    This original necklace is a lovely way to keep your sweethearts near you all day! Son, daughter, create your own necklace and you will be certain to have a unique, engraved jewelry piece.  A symbol of your family!

  • Engraved Heart Dangling...

    Are you looking for a discreet,personalized piece of jewelry? These pretty,engraved earrings with your initials are the perfect gift.

  • Nameplate Dangling Earrings

    Just choose the name!  We will prepare and send to you this gorgeous pair of personalized earrings!

  • Handwriting name necklace...

    Dreaming to have your name necklace in 18k Gold around your neck? Simply indicate your name and receive this fabulous personalized necklace accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • "Mom" Bracelet in Silver...

    Give your mommy this personalized bracelet made just for her. 

    $35.10 $39.00
    Reduced price!
  • Personalized Cord bracelet...

    Simply a cord and an engraved token to tell her “I love you” or to remind her that you are always near.

  • Personalized Name Necklace

    Her first name necklace! Personalize this name necklace with the name of your choice!  A gift that never goes out of style!

  • Personalized engraved bar...

    The personalized engraved bar necklace is discreet and original! A message, a name, a date, each of your ideas can be created by us!

  • Name bracelet on chain

    This original nameplate bracelet is certain to please! Think about your daughter, mother, sister, friends : hand-cut in our Parisian studio, choose a name or other endearing term making this personalized bracelet completely unique.

  • Engraved bracelet “My...

    Want to keep your sweeties near? Personalize this bracelet by engraving the names of your children. By choosing the bracelet color and the engraving you will receive a unique, personalized bracelet symbolizing your family.

  • Engraved bracelet “My...

    With the engraved bracelet “My Little Hearts” your sweet hearts are always near! By choosing the number of charms, material, type of engraving, and bracelet color, you are choosing to wear a unique, personalized jewelry piece symbolizing your family.

Showing 97 - 111 of 111 items