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  • Necklace with Personalized...

    A cute necklace to please all the moms and young ladies.  Comes with a 15" (38cm) to 18" (45 cm) chain.  You'll fall for this star-shaped charm. Personalize this necklace, by engraving a name, a date, a nickname.

  • Double Bar Engraved Necklace

    Our double bar engraved necklace is both elegant and trendy. Personalize both bars, engraving the name of a child, a special date, the name of your loved one or your name. This necklace with double chains has a single clasp.Hint : specify the selected position(c) to engrave a heart(e) to engrave a star

  • Engraved Pendant "My...

    Your love around your neck?  Fall for this lovely heart pendant and engrave a name, a date, a sweet message for a truly unique symbol of your love!

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  • Personalized necklace "My...

    This lovely necklace in Sterling Silver (0.925) and Rose Silver will bring  you happiness through-out the day!  Personalize the back with a sweet word, a name, a date!  Your personalized necklace will be a one of a kind.  A gift filled with emotion for anytime of the year, and especially for Christmas, a birthday, or Valentine's Day!

  • Personalized necklace "My...

    This pretty necklace in Sterling Silver (0.925) and Rose Silver will add a floral touch to your outfits!  Personalize the back with a sweet word, a name, or a special date!  This necklace will be a one of a kind.  A sentimental gift to give year-round but especially for Christmas, Valentine's Day or a birthday!

  • Personalized Liberty Necklace

    This pretty necklace, a genuine Liberty of London, will give a floral touch to your outfits!  Choose the charm and personalize it with a name, a date, or even a nickname!  Add the final touch by choosing your favorite Liberty fabric!  This personalized necklace is a unique gift anytime of the year, but especially at Christmas or Valentine's Day!

  • Personalized "My Little...

    A beautiful, personalized necklace to wear proudly around your neck.  This chic, trendy necklace will please your dear Mom.  Wear your family around your neck and have their names, special dates, or messages engraved.  This personalized, sentimental piece of jewelry is perfect as a gift to your loved one or to yourself!

  • 18k Gold Figurine Necklace

    This personalized necklace with its figurines is the ideal gift for Mommy!  Each child has his or her figurine.  An original, personalized gift to give to with love to your dear Mom!

  • Multiple Names Necklace

    Looking for a necklace with up to 5 names displayed?  We've created the Multiple Names Necklace.  You can add up to 5 names on this necklace!  Wear the names that inspire you, nicknames, names of your loved ones. This unique necklace is the perfect personalized gift to keep your family near!

  • Two Names in a Heart Necklace

    Your sweeties' names surrounded by a lovely heart...A unique necklace, full of love that will please the moms in your life.

  • 18k Gold Cursive Name...

    Personalize this authentic 18k gold necklace with the name of your choice!  This unique piece of jewelry comes with an 18k gold cable chain.  Give a truly original gift!

  • Personalized Vertical Bar...

    With its elegant, yet modern style, this necklace is the accessory you've been missing to complete your trendy look!  We can engrave a date, a name, a short message onto the bar.  Choose the color of the bar and the shape of the small charm!

  • Long Necklace with...

    Create the long necklace of your dreams!  Choose between three and five charms to be engraved, making this long necklace a piece of jewelry any lady would be proud to wear.

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  • Collier 4 Médailles à graver

    Montrez lui votre amour à travers ce magnifique collier 4 médailles à graver . L'alliance de l'argent doré, l'argent rosé et de l'argent rhodié fait de ce collier un bijou idéal pour toutes les femmes!

  • "Enlace me" Double Ring...

    This perfect symbol of union, fusion, and love necklace with its double rings is the latest MonBijouParis signature jewelry piece! Discreet and elegant, it will please the lady in your life.  The two rings are personalizable:  significant date, names...It's up to you to create your very own personalized necklace! Hint:  specify the selected position(c) to...

  • Large Tree of Life to...

    A family, children, grandchildren...These special moments in life to be engraved on this elegant tree of life.  This beautiful necklace is a symbol of happiness...

  • Personalized Double Heart...

    Personalize the large heart with an engraving on this Sterling Silver (0.925) and Rose Silver necklace.  Your message, a date, or the name of a child or loved one will be near you throughout the day!

  • Engraved Double Star...

    Personalize the large star with an engraving on this Sterling Silver (0.925) and Rose Silver necklace.  Your message, a date, or the name of a child or loved one will be near you throughout the day!

  • Necklace “Family” with...

    Say "I love you, Mommy" with this lovely necklace especially designed for Mommy! This necklace is THE symbol of love, personalized for your family. The heart is in the center of the necklace. You can choose two figurines to be added.

  • Engraved Necklace “My...

    This Necklace “My Sweetheart” will be personalized with the engraving of your choice.  Perfect to please your loved ones, children, moms, even best friends!

  • Gold Plated Name Necklace

    Personalize this gold plated name necklace with the name of your choice! Timelessly chic, the ideal personalized gift!

  • Name Necklace in Rose Silver

    Personalize this nameplate necklace in Pink Silver with the name of your choice! With this new material and its original color, your name necklace is the latest fashion statement!

  • Heart Necklace especially...

    A necklace especially for your favorite teacher or grandmas with many loved ones!  Up to 25 names on this necklace!

  • Name and Heart Necklace

    This lovely name necklace will make your friends envious each time you wear it! Choose the desired name to personalize this necklace, to keep for yourself or to give to a loved one!

Showing 1 - 24 of 46 items